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NoviFlow demos cybersecurity on programmable forwarding plane live at ONS2017

NoviFlow demonstrated how to build Cybersecurity solutions using high-performance fully programmable SDN forwarding planes at the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, April 3rd to 6th, 2017 in booth #326.
Rapidly multiplying and evolving network security threats are in an arms race with cybersecurity solutions, with the prize being the data, network resources AND brand reputations of service providers and their customers. NoviFlow offers fresh new options for dealing in real-time with these threats.
In our booth at ONS2017, NoviFlow demonstrated live how our NoviSwitch programmable forwarding plane products empower and dramatically accelerate cybersecurity applications, enabling our customers  to actively mitigate, avoid and even eliminate malware. The demonstration showcased several key cybersecurity enhancing features of NoviFlow’s network processor-based platform including:
– up to 16 million ACL (access control list) entries, for handling huge populations of clients and devices,
– user-definable IP and UDP packet payload matching, for classification and filtering of flows at line-rates up to 100 Gbps,
– in-switch user-definable hash tables, supporting fully symmetrical and non-destructive load balancing to even thousands of stateful servers, such as cybersecurity DPI servers.
These capabilities, when combined with our embedded NOS NoviWare’s industry leading implementation of OpenFlow (1.3, 1.4 and 1.5!), enable network managers to plug the security gaps and vulnerabilities inherent in traditional networking equipment that are exploited by viruses, bots and other threats to network security. Furthermore, NoviSwitch accomplishes in a single box at the network’s edge what used to require a whole chain of expensive devices, reducing the complexity of the network, overcoming vendor/systems lock-in, and optimizing both CAPEX and OPEX.
The flexibility of this approach also encompasses a wide range of network applications and services, including CORD, EPC, Edge Routing, Network Tapping, Telemetry, Load Balancing, Service Chaining, and this approach scales independently on a wide variety of characteristics such as number of users, forwarding or controller capacity, bandwidth, etc.
ONS 2017 also showcased many great ONOS, ODL, CORD and OpenFlow demos, many of which have been interoperability tested for use NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch products. These include Brain4Net, Inocybe, FAUCET, ATRIUM, and ARCCN among many others. Overall, the show was a great success and provided solid evidence of the growing maturity of the SDN market!